Meanwhile back at the campus…

We returned this morning from our trip to Ireland. We had a wonderful time. Everything went off smoothly thanks to luck, a little advance planning, and the very nice staff at the Ardilaun Hotel. All of our flights were on time and we made every connection. Sometimes, ‘the breaks is with ya’. I don’t think we have ever had an easier trip. I have become a big fan of British Airways – of course it helped that the plane was practically empty and we could all stretch out and sleep, which we did.

We pigged out, literally and figuratively, while in Ireland – rashers and sausages at least once every day, and many lovely bottles of wine, mostly courtesy of my father-in-law. Even the weather was obliging – while it was bitterly cold, it didn’t rain once. I quite enjoyed walking briskly, all bundled up and able to see my breath. Still, it’s nice to be back where the constant is sunshine. We had a family get together that was lovely – it’s good to get together for something other than weddings and funerals. The function that provided the excuse for our trip was great. It’s a wonderful thing to see someone you care about be celebrated in a way that’s meaningful to them.

So now we’re back at the campus – we were delighted at how eager we were to return. There were packages waiting for Noel when we got back – the FedEx guys had held them for us while we were away. Today, when we went to the FedEx office to pick them up, the guy had seen us coming across the square and had already disappeared into the back to get them before we even stepped into the office. Definitely, we have settled in.

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