Homeward Bound

In a couple of days, we get to pay a visit home. We will see our families and friends, mooch around Galway for a little bit, and revisit some old haunts. We are really looking forward to it. Noel remarked that he wouldn’t need his ID badge in Ireland because everyone there already knew his name and knew who his dad was. I wanted to hum the theme from Cheers but, alas, humming is forbidden in our house. He told me that he is looking forward to seeing his grandparents, shopping in Smyths, and going to Xtravision. He is already packed, i.e., he has selected the DVDs that he will bring, has charged up the portable DVD player, his IPOD, and his Nintendo DS.

Meanwhile, here at KAUST, the swimming pools and the beach have opened. The pools are beautiful and it has now been sorted out so that everyone has access while still guaranteeing privacy to those who want it. I haven’t made it to the beach yet as it has only been open one day so far but I understand it’s gorgeous. However, I have added “pool time” to my gym visits. Somehow, access to these facilities has lifted everyone’s spirits and there’s an almost festive atmosphere about the place.

So, time to dig out what winter woollies we still possess and get ready for our trip. It’s funny to think that we are going to Ireland and not crossing the Atlantic. It doesn’t matter from what direction we approach though, it’s still home.

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