Shaping up to be a good year

It feels like 2010 is shaping up to be a better year than last year. The free fall in housing prices seems to have stopped although everyone’s worry is that the introduction of lots of foreclosure properties will cause a further drop in an already sad market. Human beings, I think, are by nature optimistic though and everyone I talk to seems convinced that the tide has turned. Certainly, in my own family, it is a time to be hopeful and positive – yet another new baby born, healthy and beautiful, and already loved by many. Welcome baby Daniel.

On a more mundane level, things in our household are blessedly normal. We are trying to eat more healthily and to work out regularly. I try to remind myself every evening to go and look at the sun as it sets on the Red Sea and to be grateful for the little things as well as the big stuff. Noel reminded me the other day that he had been very nervous about moving to SA, as he calls Saudi Arabia. I asked him how he felt about it now and he told me that he liked it, that he still misses Chicago and his old house in Glencoe, but that things are pretty good here, in particular he likes the TV channels and the bowling alley. Hooray! When we moved to Glencoe from Evanston, (a distance of perhaps 10 miles), it took him five years to say anything positive about Glencoe. It’s a manifestation of his increasing ability to be flexible that he is able to be positive about our new locale in such a short time – also, it is pretty great here.

KAUST is about to start its Winter Enrichment Program, a series of short courses given by visiting faculty of significant renown. People are gearing up for the influx of visitors. It’s very exciting and lots of fun – at least for those of us who aren’t involved in the huge logistical exercise of moving large numbers of visitors, most of them coming from overseas, in and out of KAUST.

Fingers crossed.

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