Shopping at KAUST

Today was a great day – the supermarket opened. It is gorgeous – gleaming floors and smiling cashiers and baggers. I never thought I could wax lyrical about a supermarket but this one deserves it. Truly, it’s a work of art. It’s got a great fresh meat department and a very nice deli section. The bakery section is to die for. With my sweet tooth, I could do without the temptation but the desserts are good to just look at and admire.  Noel and I were there when they cut the opening ribbon and we may have been the first customers through the checkout. Noel is a little disappointed that they don’t have a toy/game/dvd section. I, on the other hand, am not at all disappointed at this deficiency.

It’s been almost three years to the day since my nephew, Alan Cunniffe, was killed. He was a supermarket guy, like his father before him. I thought of him today as I walked around that brand new Tamimi – I think he would have loved it and have had all sorts of questions about profit margins and footfall in the store. He was an enthusiastic, bright, and good natured young man who always tried to do the right thing. The loss of him still breaks my heart. I can only imagine how it is for his mother and his brothers and sisters. They, too, are in my thoughts today.

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4 Comments on “Shopping at KAUST”

  1. Gaurav Pande Says:

    Dear Maam,
    It’s wonderful to see you share your life at KAUST with the world that’s looking at this big experiment!
    I’m from India and have applied for a PhD in Chemistry there for the Spring semester and had searched google blogsearch for blogs on KAUST.
    Warm regards to you, your husband and son,

  2. Jake Says:

    Hi, I was jsut wondering since I’m going to be moving to KAUST soon, are there american foodstuffs there?
    I’m no AMERICA man myself, I’m from Australia actually, but I was wondering if there were things like twizzlers there, my sweet tooth usually gets the best of me.

    • irisheyesksa Says:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. We have a lot of American and European goodies but I don’t remember seeing Twizzlers. You can get Swedish candy including liquorice at IKEA in Jeddah. You will have plenty of choices to indulge your sweet tooth. I hope your trip to KAUST goes smoothly and that your transition is smooth. The weather here is absolutely perfect at the moment.

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