Moving Forward

We are moving forward – it’s hard, but doable. We need to forget about the handball and the seeming blindness of referees.  We need to get on with it. It’s disappointing though – we had high hopes of watching Ireland participate in the World Cup in 2010 – and this time in a part of the world that recognizes soccer as the game of games. However, ain’t gonna happen so might as well quit whingeing about it.

We got our ID Badges – finally, after much ‘toing and froing’. It’s amazing how much more comfortable I feel now that I’m officially official. Our temporary ID cards caused a sufficient number of raised eyebrows that it had begun to be an issue. Even making an appointment to have your hair cut requires a badge number. So I am very pleased to have one. Of course, now that I do, I have to carry it with me everywhere I go – one more thing to add to list of things that cannot be done without. Coming back from Jeddah last night, we were both amused to watch Noel present his ID badge at the various security checkpoints. He is definitely learning to adapt.

We were awoken in the wee hours to the sound of rain – lots of it – pounding on the balcony. By the time the storm had abated, a couple of inches of rain had fallen. We were lucky – just a few leaks and nothing that couldn’t be quickly mopped up. However, some people weren’t so lucky and had some major flooding and water damage. I was prepared for sand storms but an excess of rain is something I was not prepared to have to deal with in Saudi Arabia. The storm was quite beautiful to watch though, awesome even – the raindrops were big and fat and warm – not at all like what I am used to.


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2 Comments on “Moving Forward”

  1. Patrick Ryan Says:

    . very nice blog. Can we exchange email addresses to converse about Saudi Arabia? I write a blog and web service on US-Saudi relations and always enjoy hearing from expats living in the Kingdom. ( and ) Cheers, Pat

  2. irisheyesksa Says:

    Thank you for visiting and commenting. I read your blog on a regular basis and find it very informative.

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