Starting to feel more like home.

The house is beginning to feel a little more like home – untidy is certainly a start. Noel’s stuff is beginning to take over the family room just like in our former home. You have to be careful, when you sit on the couch, to check for hidden objects lurking among the cushions – a PS3 remote control is not a comfortable thing to sit on. I cooked an actual dinner yesterday – was delicious. I may have to do this on a regular basis. The trick is to prepare stuff that can survive reheating.

The community is changing by the minute – the beauty salon opened yesterday – going for a mani/pedi today. Prices are comparable with Glencoe! However, it is local and accessible and I don’t have to hire a car/driver to get there. Next week, I will try them for a haircut – the real acid test. The community library opens today – gorgeous facility that overlooks the water, has a coffee bar downstairs, and lots of comfy chairs to sit in. Very chic but very user friendly. I can’t wait and I think Noel is going to love it. I’ve already spoken to the librarian there to alert her to Noel’s special needs. She was lovely and I think she – like every librarian we have ever met – will love him. You see, he doesn’t go into the library and request something the way most of us do, by paraphrasing the title and telling the poor, unfortunate individual behind the desk that the author was John something that  starts with S, I think. When Noel goes to the library to request something, he has the exact title, the correct author and, occasionally, even the publisher.

We are here two weeks now. It feels a lot more familiar than a place where I have only spent two weeks. Probably because it’s a universityand university campuses have a shared sense of purpose that transcends location.

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2 Comments on “Starting to feel more like home.”

  1. Kristin Says:

    The library opens today! Right on, we’ll have to check it out this weekend. I hope they have a nice childrens area.

    Glad to hear you are settling and feeling more at home. 🙂

  2. Belky Says:

    It sounds yummy!!! or maybe I’m just hungry 😦
    I would love to meet Noel! I am sure they are going to love his accuracy when he requests his books.

    You gotta tell me how the pedi and mani go.I need a oedi BADLY!

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