More Jeddah Shopping

This time we hired a car and driver to take us to Jeddah and to ferry us about while we were there – very nice. We did a ton of shopping, mostly basic supplies and stuff for the house. I bought a teapot – I’ve already checked it out and it passed the dribble test with flying colors. The guys both got haircuts – really nice ones. I was allowed to wait in the shop while the hair was being cut – a haircut here is quite a different experience to the average haircut in the US or Ireland. It takes longer for one thing and they finish it off with a straight razor! All in all though, a very positive result and experience.

We found the Virgin Megastore much to Noel’s delight and our relief. We also went to Jarir, a sort of combination bookstore/computer store. We did a lot! I could get used to this way of shopping – dropped off at the door and picked up at the door, no worries about parking,  and an extra pair of hands to carry stuff.

We are over the worst of the jet lag but the last few hours are the hardest to get over, I think. I find myself going to sleep late even though I am up quite early. Still, we’ve only been here a week and these things take time.

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One Comment on “More Jeddah Shopping”

  1. Belky Says:

    Shopping here is a brand new experience. I think David will not go to a single store when we go back home to visit.
    Are you going to the Ladies morning?
    We really should meet sometime.

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