A Week Already!

We are here a week now. It’s hard to believe that we are about to attend something for the second time that occurs weekly. Thus far, the time has flown by. I think Noel and I are still somewhat dazed by the transition. We had our first rodent encounter – Cyclone the wonder cat slept through the whole thing. Well, maybe he’s a little overwhelmed by the transition also. The clothes came out of the washing machine in a sorry state – I have managed to figure out that if I wash only with cold water that everything comes out ok. So cold water only, from now on. We have to slice the McVities Milk Choc Digestives like a  sliced pan – they just don’t survive the heat very well. Serious and critical stuff.

I am eager to start taking Arabic classes – I have bought a book and am trying to make headway with it but I find my concentration wavering after about ten minutes or so. I think face to face interaction is the best way to begin to pick up a language and in a class setting you have a combination of personal interaction and structure. I have tried basic phrases like hello and thank you when I am in a store and have been pleased with the response. People seem delighted that I made the effort even if my attempts at pronunciation are poor. So, I will keep trying. I hope at some point the script becomes comprehensible to me.

 Once Brian has his drivers license, we hope to buy/rent a car. That will be a great help as right now we are dependant on the shuttle buses which are fine for basic transportation but a bit incovenient when you are schlepping groceries. Other than that, all quiet on the Western front.

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