Shopping in Jeddah

Last night, we took the campus bus to Jeddah, to the Red Sea Mall. (The motto of the Mall of America in Minneapolis is that it’s a mall like Australia is an island. The Red Sea Mall could give it a run for its money.) It was truly amazing to see a shopping mall thronged with people at 11pm. It’s a different way of living here. One thing that I loved was that there’s a grocery store attached to the mall – no big whoop in Ireland, but almost unheard of in the US. Danube is a huge place that stocks everything from groceries to clothing – Dunnes Stores on steroids. I am looking forward to going back there when I am not on a mission to buy particular items and can poke about and buy stuff that I must have but totally don’t need.

Even in the two nights that we have been here, I have acquired a level of comfort here. Right now, I am sitting in the office and attempting to time the shuttle buses as they go by – trying to get a feel for when/how frequently they run. Cyclone is sitting on the window sill making sure nothing untoward goes on. (I think he has found his “spot” in the house, or one of them anyhow.) Noel is still in bed although I heard him stirring a little while ago. The night before last, we went to an open air screening of G-Force and ate Burger King al fresco. Noel was totally charmed and so were we. It was a lovely, gentle, introduction to downtown KAUST for Noel and me.

So far, so good.

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2 Comments on “Shopping in Jeddah”

  1. Belky Says:

    I am glad you are having a good time :-)We should take the bus together sometime.

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