Tick-tock, tick-tock

The time is just flying by now. The movers were here today and boxed up crates of toys and books and clothes, topped up with a few pieces of wedding gift crystal, and a couple of sets of golf clubs. Also several boxes of empty DVD cases – the actual DVDs are coming with us on the plane as they are vital to Noel’s continued comfort and wellbeing. We wonder what the customs people will think if they open our shipment and find all those empty cases. The rest of our stuff is waiting to be sold at the house sale on Sunday. One of the movers actually offered to buy my dining room set before the sale but I’ve made an agreement with the house sale guy that he gets a percentage of the sale proceeds, and the dining room set is one of the “marquee” big ticket items, so I declined. (It’s amazing the impact technology has had on how we transact business – he took pictures of the table and chairs with his phone and sent them to his wife for approval. Having got the all clear from her, he made the offer to me.) I am fairly unsentimental about it all. I thought I would be sad but I just want to get it done. I am getting tired of the extended separation and I want my family back together again.

Really chilly here today – temperatures below freezing this morning. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a fine day on Sunday – the rain, not to mention the afternoon football game on tv, would keep people home and those who came out would track muddy footprints all over my house. Noel continues to surprise and delight us. He grouses occasionally about the inconvenience of the move but he told me today that he is excited about moving to SA, as he calls Saudi Arabia. This, from a kid who told us point blank a year ago that he wasn’t coming – he would live in a hotel, he told us, like Zach and Cody. His alternative plan was to move to Ireland to live with his grandparents. So, all in all, we are very, very pleased with how he is doing and how he is handling what is, for us all, a very stressful time.

Brian will arrive on Sunday. While we have things scheduled for next week – a business trip to Washington, DC for Brian and signing of papers for sale of house for us both, in addition to clearing out what’s left in the house – we hope to be able to take some time and just enjoy our last few days on Chicago’s North Shore, maybe go to Starbucks or go look at the waves on Lake Michigan. That’s the plan anyway.

No final word yet on whether our kitty will be able to come with us or not. I am hoping to hear tomorrow. Not too much demand for an eleven year old – albeit still handsome and sweet tempered – cat so I am really hoping that we can bring him with us. Fingers crossed.

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