Some Whine and Cheese, Perhaps?

I am sad and irritated at the same time. I think I am not going to be able to bring my cat with me to KAUST. I didn’t know until just now that I need to get a health certificate authenticated by the Dept of Agriculture,¬† by the State Dept in Washington, by the Saudi Embassy and, in addition, get some kind of import permit available only in Saudi Arabia. I think the logistics of this may be such that it will not be possible to bring him with us, not at least with any confidence that he would make it through the various checkpoints along the way. Who knew it would be so complicated to bring the puddy? I am annoyed – mostly with myself – that I didn’t press the matter earlier. Now, the trick will be to find as good a home for Cyclone as we found for Bailey, (our 100 lb Golden Retriever who believed he was a lap dog and behaved accordingly.)

Okay, whine over. The relo counselor was here yesterday and the packers will be here next week. Our car – the Camry – is sold. For a song, but at least the deal is done. It is definitely October here in Chicago – heat on, fire lit, all that good stuff. I am hoping the weather doesn’t get too cold before we leave as I threw out my heavy coat and I really don’t want to buy a new one. I can always layer, I suppose.

I am beginning to feel mildly panicked that I should be doing more than I am doing to get ready for our departure. I just don’t know what that is. We have to live here until we leave here so I can’t pack/sell/get rid of everything too soon. This move is traumatic enough for Noel as it is without making the last few weeks here complete torture for him, which is what it would be if we removed his toys/game/favorite things.

In the meantime, I am continuing to play bad bridge. I have lovely partners who want to spend time with me before I leave and so are willing to put up with my lapses in concentration. I appreciate their patience and kindness.

At this point, I am eager to get the move underway. It has been a long separation, way longer than either of us anticipated when we embarked on this adventure. So, fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly, or at least, that those things that don’t go smoothly are unimportant and easily gotten around.

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