Gobsmacked in the Windy City

Devastated. Stunned. In total shock. That’s what we are here in the Windy City. This morning we were eliminated, IN THE FIRST ROUND of the selection process for the 2016 Olympics. How did this happen? We were expecting it to come down to the wire between us and Rio. But we were out in THE FIRST ROUND. I still can’t quite get my head around it. Mayor Daleyand Michelle Obama went to present our case. President Obama went to Copenhagen to add his voice to the Chicago choir. Oprah was there. The IOC turned a deaf ear to Oprah! We are all so disappointed. I remind myself that I won’t be here in 2016. It doesn’t matter. I am still upset for Chicago. It’s a great city and it would have been a wonderful host to the Olympics, both the athletes and the spectators.

Colleagues from work took me out to lunch today. In the real estate business, agents come and go – and in this market, they are going more than coming – so I was very touched that they wanted to mark my imminent departure in some way. We have promised to stay in touch. I very much hope we do. Facebook makes it easy. Being able to maintain contact really eases the pain of saying goodbye.

People have begun to ask me how my packing is progressing. Er, I haven’t even begun. Somehow, I have this notion that people are supposed to come and pack up the stuff we are bringing with us. I hope I am right in this assumption. If not, I am in deep doodoo. Fingers crossed that the packing genies actually materialize.

I understand that classes are well underway at KAUST now, that the university is beginning to emerge. It is truly amazing. I have been reading on the blogs about plumbing problems and unwelcome four legged guests. As a child, I spent two weeks every summer with my grandfather – no running water, no indoor plumbing. As an adult, I have come to like my creature comforts but I think I’ll manage ok at KAUST.

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