A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today is one of those perfect days, the kind of day that goes by too fast. I am very aware that my days in Glencoe are numbered. As excited as I am about the move to our new home, I am sad to leave here. It’s been very good to me and mine.

I have been playing bridge – although not well. My bridge buddies were delighted to hear that we have found other bridge players at KAUST. It’s like we are members of a worldwide community, one that doesn’t care about anything¬† other than one’s ability to play bridge. That, of course, can be both a positive and a negative. Focus on the positive.

Did I mention before how much I love Skype? Let me say it again. I adore Skype. On Friday last, I was out when Brian called. This time Noel didn’t answer the call – but he called Brian back! When I found out, I wanted to knock on the neighbors’ doors and tell them of the wondrous occurrence. I didn’t so this blog will have to substitute.

All in all, we are doing well. Our flights have been booked and emails exchanged about the many other details of our move. Every day, Noel does something that I have only dreamed he would do. The other day, we were talking about something or other and he quoted a verse from a song to me, and then explained how it was relevant to our conversation. As it was happening, I was saying to myself that I should be writing down what he was saying but I didn’t want to disengage myself from the interaction. Then the phone rang and life intervened and now I can’t remember what we were talking about or the song he quoted. Middle age sneaks up on you like that.

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