Watching the Inauguration

I watched the inauguration of KAUST via the web today. Truly amazing. To think that two years ago, there was nothing there but sand and sea. The campus is beautiful – actually quite breathtaking. The design concept is truly amazing – nothing left out or overlooked. The way the ‘skin’ on the library glows at night looks almost surreal. The ceremony was visually gorgeous – lots of pomp and circumstance all decked out in Saudi national dress.

I am sorry to have missed it. However, listening to my son talk to his Dad about the ceremony via Skype made up for not being there. Noel remarked to his Dad that he had watched the ceremony, that it looked amazing, and then gave the ultimate accolade “Well done, Dad.” In Noel’s eyes, his Dad can do stuff like that – build entire universities from scratch, leap tall buildings in a single bound etc.

Only the chest X-rays to go now in the array of medical tests. Then I get to make a great bundle and sent it off to the charming and efficient woman who takes care of the visa applications. I will be relieved to have that part of the process completed. It takes up a lot of cognitive space, taking care of these details, and I am not sure that I have that much space to spare.

Tomorrow is a symposium day at KAUST – should be amazing in its own right given the intellectual firepower of those gathered. After that, it will be down to brass tacks, time to roll up the sleeves, and get moving on the work of the university.

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