Somethin’ in a Sunday

I think it was Kris Kristofferson who sang about that Sunday mornin’ sidewalk and the loneliness of Sundays. There’ s some truth to it , no doubt. As a child, Sunday meant Mass, roast beef, apple tart, and the hurried completion of homework for school the next day. I was sometimes allowed to stay up late to watch the Sunday night movie offering on RTE. I remember that the first Sunday movie I was allowed to watch was Three Coins in the Fountain. My Dad was away – Finner camp, I think – and the film was a favorite of my mother’s and I think she wanted company while she watched it. After my mother passed away, Sunday often involved making sandwiches for my father and brothers to take to Gaelic football and hurling matches. Not too much in common with what Kris was singing about and yet, the song resonated with me. Which certainly doesn’t make me special – it touched a chord with a lot of people, most of whom have never been, and have no intention of ever being,  ‘stoned’. I suppose it’s because Sundays typically allow us to pause and think, to reflect not just on where we are and where we’re going, but who our travelling companions are.

I have been married to my lovely husband Brian for twenty-three years. We met at a dance in the Tennis Club when I was twenty-one and he was twenty-two. We thought we knew it all. But then, that’s what you’re supposed to think when you’re twenty-something. One thing that I am still certain of though is that I couldn’t ask for a better friend and fellow traveller. When the chips are down – and they’ve been down more than once – he has always been there. We’ve even survived being bridge partners. Our son Noel is eighteen and very much part of the fabric of our lives. The three of us are a good team.

Soon, we will be together again. Living at KAUST in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will undoubtedly be different than anywhere we have ever lived before. Even Sunday won’t be Sunday as we understand it, as their weekend is Thursday and Friday. Still, no matter where we are, some things will always be constant.

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