Really getting excited about the Big Move

We are in the countdown phase now. We have a move date – sort of. We have been contacted by the Relo people – sort of. I have organized a sale for the contents of my home – more or less. The medical stuff is being sorted out so the visa stuff can be taken care of. I try not to focus on the number of things that remain to be done – only on the next thing on my list of things to do. Otherwise, I would become overwhelmed and frantic. I am organizing this end of our move to KAUST in the absence of my husband who has been in Saudi Arabia pretty much since the beginning of the calendar year. It hasn’t been a picnic for him either, being apart from us for so long. However, we both try to stay cognizant of the bigger picture and remind ourselves of what’s involved – the opportunity to be included in the most innovative and exciting educational endeavour – certainly, in the area of science and engineering – on the planet.

In the meantime, neither of gets to spend much time contemplating our navels or the state of the nation/economy/environment. Stuff needs to get accomplished. Forms need to be filled out – in triplicate. I knew that expensive law school education would come in handy at some point. I try not to focus on the things over which I have no control  and to concentrate on dealing with the things that  are within my control.

In the midst of the big picture/major move questions, are the day to day – some might say – trivial issues. I wonder how I will have my hair cut when I move to KAUST. I know that a beauty salon is planned but I don’t think it’s up and running yet. My friends at Desperate KAUST Wives all seem young and lovely and can wear their hair long. This is not such a good look for a lady pushing fifty. I am excited to hear that there are other bridge players – yeah! There is to be a bike path that runs by the shoreline (right now, I think it’s out of bounds as it’s being used for construction vehicles), so I have decided to include our bikes in the shipment.

Everything will be taken care of by the time we move – some of it will be taken care of well, and some not so much. What matters is that we will all be together, aware of our good fortune, learning and moving forward.

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4 Comments on “Really getting excited about the Big Move”

  1. Jean Says:

    Do you have your passport, credit card, student’s card, a hanky 🙂 ? If so, then you can manage anything!

  2. Ann Khoaz Says:

    Hello, I hope your transition to KSA was successful. I am also Irish and have lived in KSA (Jeddah) a good number of years. I also have working experience with ASD children in Ireland. If you would like to chat please contact me.
    Kind regards,

  3. John2034 Says:

    Hi – did you kame it out there?

    How are you finding everything? Do you feel safe?

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