Pennies on the Dollar

Pennies on the dollar – that’s what we’re going to get for our stuff. What we get for it doesn’t bother me so much as the fact that I chose it all carefully for this house in order to make it a home. I have been through enough in my life to know that it’s the people in the house and the relationships they form with each other that makes a home, not the “stuff”, but still I have a pang or two when I realize that the dining room set that I love will sell for about 10% of what we paid for it. Will whoever buys it treat it with the proper tender loving care, I wonder? Oh well, I have enough to be doing that I don’t need to be looking for a “good” home for my stuff. Good in this case, translates to the highest bidder. That’s all there is to it.

We’ve started to deal with the medical exam and tests necessary for our move to KAUST. It is quite extensive and a little anxiety creating, in particular for Noel our eighteen year old (autistic) son. Despite the obvious anxiety though, he came through the whole thing like a trooper. What a great kid. He puts me to shame sometimes with his positive attitude. We still have a little blood work to go – something to do with the fact that one of the requirements for the medical is a blood test for something that the doctor has never heard of. A little investigation revealed that it’s a parasite only found in tropical countries and totally unheard of in the US.

My friends in the Desperate Kaust Wives group on FB tell me to pack as much as I can into the luggage that I take with me on the plane. It takes a while, apparently, even for the air freight to get to Jeddah. I guess I need to go buy suitcases. I still don’t know if we can take Cyclone – the cat – with us in the cabin. I am not sure that I even want to since he hates being in the carrier and shows his discomfort by pooping in it. In addition to which, he screams the entire time as well. I hate to think of him in the cargo area though – would he even survive the trip? We have been his bondservants for eleven years now, but he has taken care of us well too, in his way. He hunts regularly, often depositing gifts at my feet. Usually, the gifts are dead but sometimes, a smart chipmunk will just play dead, and then miraclously revive to run about my house. At this point, Cyclone has typically bored of the game and retires to our/his bed to recline on the pillows or – his most favorite – freshly washed laundry. Meanwhile, I am chasing a tiny, but incredibly fast animal around the house trying to get it to run out the door.

The first week of classes is over at KAUST now. Wow. I wish I was there to experience it all. However, much as I would like to be a part of it all, and much as I miss my husband, it would be very difficult for Noel to be there while things are still in start-up mode. From the pictures I have seen and the anecdotes I have heard, it is shaping up to be an amazing place, quite spectacularly beautiful.

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